Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How is Transgender Classified in Medicine?

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Dawn said...

I was never diagnosed in my youth, although, around age 4 or 5, I began to get into my mother's stuff and do my eyelashes, nails, makeup, etc., even going so far as to take some of her birth control pills, having no idea what they were! I began wearing around that time my mom's dresses and skirts, and later on, my sisters, my girlfriend's, and then, my wife's clothes, some 45 years ongoing now. I learned about homosexuality and transsexuals from a very conservative fundamentalist evangelical Church that was akin to the "Jesus Camp" movie and that such individuals would burn forever in eternal Hell. Suffered night terrors beginning around age 12 or 13 for a couple of years, as I was "one" of those individuals destined for the "eternal fire". Finally, in high school I renounced my evangelical Christian faith and began my first feminization attempt by growing out my hair to the chagrin of those around me! Only lasted a short time, unfortunately, but have committed this time, some 30 years later, to complete the process once and for all!

I guess, "What does the DSM have to say about me?"