Friday, August 4, 2017

Make Up for Mature Skin

Way back when I started this blog I posted a number of makeup tutorials for trans women. Topics include basic makeup tenchinques but als practical advice like covering up a 5 o'clock shadow! One topic I have not covered very much is helping people with older skin apply makeup.

Here are a couple of tips I have picked up as I get older:

  • Really understand how concealers and color correctors work. I use the one to the right by Maybelline but there are more complete pallets and individual sticks depending on your needs.
    • Green helps with redness
    • Peach / Pink helps correct blue tones on fair skin
    • Orange helps hide dark spots on darker skin
    • Yellow helps correct purple tones on olive and medium skin
    • Lavendar helps hide yellowing
  • Don't go overboard (unless you want to!) For most days simple is better IMHO
  • Lip liner is your friend!
  • The less makeup you are wearing the less drastic your eyeliner should be. To much eyeliner can make the eyes appear smaller.

Other that the above I found the video below to be pretty good at showing people how to apply some basics. Give it a try and as always, share your own advice below in the comments!

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